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End Of Lease Program

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We will buy your lease! Regardless of being over mileage, damage, no disposition fee, etc...

Lease Set to Expire?

Option 1: Buy or Lease a New Toyota

This is a popular option when it comes time for your lease return.  Who wouldn’t love a new vehicle, after all?  If this is the option you want, you have two choices.  You can trade-in your current leased vehicle on a new Toyota or turn in your current leased vehicle (subject to certain conditions, of course).  Call us at (860) 741-3761 for additional details on trading in (or turning in) your leased vehicle.

Option 2: Purchase Your Current Vehicle Using Financing

If you love this car you already have, we will work with Toyota Financial Services and provide options to help you buy it.

Or, if you want a new Toyota, and don't want to let your leased return go, you can bring in a family member or special friend and we can provide purchase options to allow someone you know to have it instead. Experience the pleasures of having a new Toyota and giving someone close to you the enjoyment of owning the vehicle you took such good care of and loved.

Gotta Get To Gale!

It’s never too early to begin planning what you want to do when your lease ends.  Stop by and see us at 50 Palomba Drive in Enfield, CT or contact us at (860) 741-3761.  We will review with you the details of your lease agreement, discuss your options, determine the vehicle’s payoff amount and answer any questions you may have.  If you forgot to give us a call, don’t worry.  We will contact you approximately three months before your lease-end date.

Disposition Fee Loyalty Waiver

To take advantage of the Disposition Fee Loyalty Waiver, qualified customers must lease or finance a New or Certified Used Toyota through a participating dealer and Toyota Financial Services within 30 days before or after lease termination.

For every new qualifying leased or financed vehicle, Toyota Financial Services will waive the disposition fee on one terminating lease.

Encore Lease Program

  • Rate discount on their subsequent lease agreements
  • Waived security deposit at all tier levels

Lease Trade In

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