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Leasing vs. Financing Near Springfield MA

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As you consider the purchase of your next vehicle, Gale Toyota can help explain the options of Leasing and Financing your vehicle of choice with all the information and programs available so you will make an informed decision that is right for you. Listed below are the potential benefits of Leasing and Financing and a Gale Toyota sales and leasing expert will discuss options available with you and explain the advantages so you understand and are comfortable with the option you choose.

Advantages of Leasing:

Advantages of Financing:

  • Better short-term option

    - Flexible Terms
    - Attractive Lease Rates available from Toyota Financial Services
    - Lower payments
    - Lower cash investment (down payment)

  • Choose your mileage
  • Only pay sales tax on the portion financed
  • Affordable payments with shorter terms
  • New vehicle more often and benefit from latest vehicle technology
  • Drive more vehicle or with more options for the money
  • Factory warranty coverage
  • Lower maintenance expenses with ToyotaCare
  • Peace of mind knowing vehicle can be under warranty during the entire lease term
  • No trade-in hassle
  • No negative equity
  • Credit builder
  • Potential tax advantages (business)
  • More (4) end-of-lease options (typically 2 - 4 years):

    - Choose and lease a new Toyota
    - Purchase the current Toyota
    - Turn in your Toyota
    - Arrange for a third party to purchase your Toyota

  • Pay cash-in-full and immediately own the vehicle
  • Financing

    - Pay down the loan over time
    - Build equity
    - Credit builder if you keep the lender happy
    - Ownership when paid-in-full and title received
    - Attractive financing rates are available on most new Toyota vehicles

  • No mileage limits
  • Modify your vehicle with upgrades as you wish
  • Keep your vehicle as long as you want
  • Sell or trade your vehicle whenever you want
  • How well you maintain it is your decision
  • Two options at the end of the finance term (typically 4 - 6 years)

    - Keep the vehicle
    - Trade or sell the vehicle


Making the Right Decision

Making the Right Decision

Choosing the right option to pay for your new Toyota is a major part of your buying decision.  You now know the major advantages to consider and the team at Gale Toyota can walk you through the decision making process.  Stay posted to Gale Toyota for buying and leasing specials that may help influence your decision. Come visit us so we can listen to your needs, help you find your vehicle of choice, take that all-important test drive, and give us the opportunity to work with you to determine how you can drive away in a new Toyota!

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