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Old School vs New School Debate Rages Over Toyota Camry Hybrid Police Car

Will the Toyota Camry Hybrid Work as a Police Car?

If you were to ask most police officers what they thought of a Toyota Camry Hybrid police car, they would likely look at you like you were insane — or maybe they would just arrest you and take you to the looney bin. An environmentally-friendly hybrid engine is all well and good, but how will the Toyota Camry Hybrid work as a police car?

For departments looking for a way to slim down the budget and replace aging police cruisers, the idea of a Toyota Camry Hybrid makes a lot of sense. The benefits of a Toyota Camry Hybrid police car have been explored and illustrated by the Arkadelphia Police Department in Arkansas and in an independent documentary by Peter Byck titled Hybrid Law. A closer look at the hybrid edition of the popular 2016 Toyota Camry will provide plenty of proof for Enfield-area drivers.

Toyota Camry Hybrid vs Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

In a true battle of old school vs new school, the Arkadelphia Police Department replaced ten aging Crown Victoria Police Interceptors with brand-new Toyota Camry Hybrid models. A move met with apprehension by department veterans, there was doubt that the power and performance of the new Toyota Camry Hybrid would justify the fuel savings. Concerns were voiced by many veteran officers like Don Cleek who explained his reservations in the film documentary.

At first, “I was dead set against it,” says veteran officer Don Cleek. “To me, a police car’s supposed to be rear wheel drive, V8 and can go through ditches.” In short, he didn’t believe the hybrids would be up to the job.

After a few months in action, the 2016 Toyota Camry Hybrid proved its worth in the field to many doubtful officers. A Hybrid Synergy Drive powertrain under the hood of the Camry Hybrid consists of a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine and a high-torque electric motor to make a thrilling 200 horsepower. This level of power combined with dynamic and agile handling, manages to outdistance and outmaneuver the cumbersome Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor models.

When it came to efficiency, the Arkadelphia Police Department found that the 43 mpg city and 39 mpg highway fuel-economy ratings of the Toyota Camry Hybrid would outlast the larger Police Interceptor. Current Crown Victoria Police Interceptors were making between 12 and 14 mpg. Frugal fuel-economy numbers also came in handy for officers on patrol for hours, allowing them to focus on the job and not the fuel gauge. Coupled with reliable Toyota construction and lower maintenance costs than the older police cars, the department was able to cut the annual budget by as much as 3%.

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Aside from the frugal fuel efficiency, there are many benefits to a hybrid police car that illustrate how the Toyota Camry Hybrid will work as a police car. Equipped with more than enough power to catch the bad guys and the efficiency to save departments money, the Toyota Camry Hybrid may be tailor-made to be a police car. If local police departments are looking for a more versatile option for their fleet, the all-new 2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid may be a viable option.