Side view of the 2021 Toyota Corolla Apex edition

What’s the difference between the Toyota Corolla and the Toyota Corolla Apex?

Toyota just unveiled a newer version of the 2021 Toyota Corolla, the Toyota Corolla Apex. Although the two versions of this vehicle have a lot of similarities, there are a few key differences to highlight. If there are any questions about the Corolla Apex after reading this article, feel free to reach out to a team member at Gale Toyota, as they would be more than happy to assist you. Let’s jump into it below. 

2021 Corolla Apex – Sport Exhaust 

The first thing that sets the Corolla Apex apart is the sport exhaust system. This system comes in a unique conical shape that allows the Apex to really breathe while maintaining high performance. This sport exhaust system also enhances the sound of your Corolla Apex as well. 

2021 Toyota Corolla Apex edition

2021 Corolla Apex – Interior Styling 

When it comes to interior styling, the manufacturers at Toyota really gave it their all with the Corolla Apex. The interior of the vehicle is highlighted with a driver-focused cockpit. Also, the interior features sport seats and bronze stitching throughout the vehicle, to add that sense of luxury. 

2021 Corolla Apex – Wheels 

Something else that sets the Apex apart from the standard Corolla is the wheels on the vehicle. The 2021 Corolla Apex comes with 18” flow-formed wheels. These wheels are designed to give you the best connection with whatever driving surface you are traveling on. The tires are very lightweight and with the Apex there’s also wrapping for summer performance tires.  

2021 Corolla Apex – Exterior Styling 

One other thing that sets the Corolla Apex edition apart from the Corolla is the exterior styling that goes into this vehicle. The 2021 Apex comes with exclusive, bold detailing that leaves a presence out on the road. Some of the extra stylings that go into this vehicle are the black and bronze body kit, an extra available color for the vehicle (cement color), and an available rear spoiler.  

2021 Corolla Apex – Performance and Handling 

The last thing that sets Apex apart is its performance and handling features. Designed with a lower ride height, sport-tuned suspension, and solid stabilizer bars, the 2021 Apex provides the ultimate riding experience for drivers. There’s never been a more precise and accurate version of the Corolla when it comes to handling.