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Cool Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Car Lovers

What to Get for a Car Lover On Father’s Day

Does your dad have a classic car in the garage or a collection of mint automotive replicas? If you answered yes, your father probably qualifies as a car lover. You know the type we mean — he loves to spend hours in the garage tinkering with his car and constantly has NASCAR or another race on the TV. When Father’s Day rolls around on June 21, your car-loving father may be tough to shop for and if you are wondering what to get for a car lover on Father’s Day we have a few suggestions for you at Gale Toyota.

Collectible Car Replica

Does your dad have a collection of automotive memorabilia and collectibles like we mentioned before? If that is the case, a cool Father’s Day gift idea may be a new collectible car replica to add to his gallery. If you want to go the extra mile, you can also find autographed memorabilia by his favorite race car driver that will definitely make his day.

Driving School or Exotic Car Rental

If your dad loves high-speed driving and exotic cars, you can get him a gift certificate to a local driving school or driving experience — or better yet, rent an exotic, performance-tuned car for him to drive around for the day. Taking a turn around a racetrack or driving an immaculate automotive masterpiece will make this a Father’s Day to remember.

Car Care Kit

While the previous gift ideas for Father’s Day can be a bit pricey, this option is far more affordable and personal. Simply get a big bucket and fill it with all the elements of a car care kit. Help your dad keep his classic car clean with everything he needs, from car washing mitts and buffing pads to car polish and Turtle Wax. If you want to go the extra mile, you can hand wash your dad’s new Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro after he gets back from a mud-slinging adventure while he sits back, relaxes, sips a cool beverage and supervises.

A New Garage Organizer

For car lovers who spend an inordinate amount of time in the garage with their head under the hood, a new garage organizer would be a great gift. If your dad is always losing his tools while tinkering in the garage, a garage organizer may be the absolute perfect Father’s Day gift, bringing organization to a chaotic automotive environment. To make this gift even more personal, take some time to help your dad clean the garage and get a little dirty under the hood right next to him.

A Day With Dad and Car Detailing

Most dads on Father’s Day simply want to spend time with their son or daughter — that is gift enough. Make this happen on Father’s Day and get your dad’s car detailed at the same time. Simply pay for your father’s car to get cleaned inside and out and while that is happening go play a round of golf or take him out for lunch at his favorite restaurant. This gift is the best of both worlds for a car lover on Father’s Day.

If you were stuck trying to figure out what to get for a car lover on Father’s Day, maybe these ideas from our staff at Gale Toyota will help you find the perfect gift. Your father may also enjoy going with you to find a new Toyota from Gale Toyota this Father’s Day and tagging along when you schedule a test drive. You will find even more information about Toyota vehicles and automotive news as well as upcoming community events when you visit our comprehensive Gale Toyota Blog.