Man getting into 2021 Highlander color red

What safety features come with the 2021 Toyota Highlander Hybrid?

The 2021 Toyota Highlander Hybrid comes with fantastic efficiency ratings and splendid hybrid performance under the hood, but did you know it also comes with top-tier safety features as well? At Gale Toyota, all our hybrid vehicles come with only the best safety features, including the 2021 Highlander Hybrid. Below you check out four of the different safety features that make up the Toyota Safety Sense package that comes with this vehicle.  

2021 Highlander Hybrid – Pedestrian Detection 

One feature that’s included with Toyota Safety Sense inside of the Highlander is Pedestrian Detection. Basically, what this feature does is provide you with audio and visual signals if there are pedestrians either behind your vehicle while you are in reverse or if there are pedestrians or other objects moving into your driving path from either direction. If for some reason you are unable to brake or unaware of the surroundings while you are backing up, the Highlander Hybrid can apply the brakes for you to avoid a potential collision. 

2021 Highlander Hybrid – Dynamic Radar Cruise Control 

Another convenient safety feature that comes included with the Highlander Hybrid is the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control feature. This feature is primarily intended for highway use, as it manually adjusts to traffic in front of you, so you are a safe distance away in case of emergency braking. You can also set a preset speed to stay on the road, which provides comfort and relaxation behind the wheel. There’s no need to worry about going too fast or too slow. 

Interior view of the 2021 Highlander Hybrid

2021 Highlander Hybrid – Lane Departure Alert 

An additional safety feature equipped in Toyota Safety Sense is Lane Departure Alert. While on the road, this system’s technology can track the white or yellow street markings. If it notices you are drifting into one lane or onto the side of the road, it will detect that for you and let you know with either an audio or visual warning. If the system detects a collision, it can provide corrective steering as well. 

2021 Highlander Hybrid – Automatic High Beams 

The last thing to go over is the Highlander Hybrid’s Automatic High Beams. These help drivers see clear as day at night and are designed to be used when driving over 25 miles per hour. Drivers also have the choice to toggle between these high beams and low beams to fit whatever driving conditions they are enduring at the time.