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Toyota uBox Concept Caters to Next-Generation Entrepreneurs and Adventurers

Toyota uBox Concept Specs and Design

Toyota has set the bar high for automotive innovation this year with the release of the 2017 Toyota Prius Prime Plug-in Hybrid fast approaching. With futuristic editions like the Toyota Prius Prime on the horizon, it is difficult to imagine anything more impressive coming from the Toyota brand, and yet again Toyota engineers have surprised us.

A new Toyota uBox Concept may prove to be the highlight of the automotive year and provides a next-generation design platform. Developed by a collaboration of Toyota engineers and graduate students at the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research, the Toyota uBox Concept specs and design will cater to Generation Z drivers looking for a versatile, mobile platform.

How Was the Toyota uBox Concept Design Developed?

What began as a collaboration project geared towards an in-depth, hands-on look at the marketing, design, development and manufacturing processes of the automotive world quickly became the versatile and flexible Toyota uBox. Designed and built to cater to on-the-go entrepreneurs and youthful adventurers, the Toyota uBox features new design elements that can transform the Toyota uBox into whatever you need.

Toyota uBox Interior Mobile Office Spacewith Curved Glass Roof-Gale Toyota
Toyota uBox Customizable Interior Cargo Space-Gale Toyota

Features of the Toyota uBox Design Concept

Many of the design elements incorporated into the Toyota uBox design concept break new ground for the Toyota brand and put focus on a truly versatile design. A revolutionary interior can serve as a mobile office space or standard, family-friendly people mover based on your needs, and innovative new construction elements provide iconic new features. All of these elements cater to an on-the-go generation with an arsenal of innovative new features.

  • Built with a bold, dynamic design and a muscular stance that conveys athleticism, the Toyota uBox Concept will appeal to Generation Z drivers who want to stand out from the automotive crowd.
  • A versatile interior is designed to cater to your needs and lifestyle. With a low load floor, nearly limitless interior configurations and removable seats on sliding tracks, the Toyota uBox is equally adept at hauling cargo or serving as a mobile office.
  • Many interior elements can be designed and manufactured using 3D printing, translating to an online community that will allow drivers to share and replicate favorite design elements that include vents, dashboard display accents and door trim.
  • Under the hood, the Toyota uBox Concept employs a compact, all-electric powertrain that will provide an energetic performance and can also serve as an emission-free power source. An array of 110-volt sockets are incorporated into the design and will power various consumer electronics, power tools and more.
  • A highlight design element of the Toyota uBox is the composite carbon fiber rails reinforced with aluminum that will support the curved panoramic glass roof.

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If you are looking to the future of the automotive industry, you may want to start with the Toyota uBox Concept specs and design. With an arsenal of innovative features implemented into the design and a new-age platform that puts focus on versatility, the Toyota uBox will cater to the next generation of drivers. While models like the best-selling 2017 Toyota Corolla will remain at the forefront of the Toyota brand, we are excited to see what new models will join the Gale Toyota inventory in the coming years.