Toyota STAR Safety System Features at Gale Toyota

Keep Your Family Safe with the Standard Toyota STAR Safety System

Toyota STAR Safety System Features

When you choose a new Toyota model you automatically anticipate unprecedented reliability and thrilling driving dynamics. These inherent qualities are the gold standard for the Toyota brand, but those aren’t the only benefits you will discover when you choose Toyota. Safety is a primary focus of each and every Toyota model that comes off the assembly line, perfect for families in the Enfield, CT area. This focus on safety is made even more tangible with a trophy case chock full of industry safety awards. One standard element that Toyota models offer to promote safety is the Toyota STAR Safety System. Explore the five Toyota STAR Safety System features that will serve you and your family well when you hit the road, keeping you safe all the way to your destination.

Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)

A primary feature of the STAR Safety System, Vehicle Stability Control helps prevent a loss of traction by reducing engine power and increasing the amount of brake force to wheels that are slipping. This portion of the system uses data from a steering wheel sensor and ABS wheel-speed sensors to determine whether or not your new 2015 Toyota RAV4 is on the right path, adjusting it as necessary.

Traction Control (TRAC)

When you are faced with dubious weather and road conditions, it is important that you retain traction to stay safe and that is where Traction Control comes in. By reading information provided by the ABS wheel-speed sensors, TRAC can detect wheel slippage and automatically reduce the engine power to reduce slipping and regain traction. If that doesn’t work, the ABS braking system will kick in.

Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS)

Most drivers are familiar with how anti-lock brakes work, but it is an integral part in the Toyota STAR Safety System that will help prevent dangerous skids. The Anti-Lock Brake System in the Toyota Camry will prevent brakes from locking up by “pulsing” the brakes faster than you are capable of. This feature will help keep you safe when you are braving the harsh Connecticut winters.

Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD)

Electronic Brake Force Distribution will compensate for shifting weight when you hit the brakes hard. By reducing brake pressure to wheels that are less effective, this feature will shorten the distance it takes for you to stop safely and help you maintain control.

Brake Assist (BA)

Another safety feature that is an important part of the STAR Safety System, Brake Assist will detect sudden braking and assist the driver in stopping safely. If this element of the system senses that a driver isn’t braking hard enough in what is seen as an “emergency situation” it will automatically apply additional brake pressure.

When you get behind the wheel of any Toyota, you can feel safe and secure with the Toyota STAR Safety System features at your disposal. Stop in today at Gale Toyota to test these safety features for yourself when you schedule a test drive. If these safety elements aren’t enough, all Toyota models are also available with advanced crash-prevention safety features that will augment the standard Toyota STAR Safety System.