Toyota Sienna Off-Road Design Concept at Gale Toyota-Enfield CT-Springfield MA-Hartford CT-New toyota Dealer-Toyota Ultimate Utility Vehicle-Toyota Ever-Better Expedition

Toyota Ultimate Utility Vehicle Combines Sienna Body and Tacoma Chassis

Toyota Sienna Off-Road Design Concept

If you are familiar with the Toyota model lineup at all, you know that there is something for everyone, from off-road ready trailblazing pickup trucks to family-friendly minivans and crossovers. This diversity and high quality is being highlighted throughout the Ever-Better Expedition, where Toyota team members get behind the wheel and take your favorite Toyota models across North America over some of the most intense terrain on the globe. A highlight of this Toyota expedition is the Toyota Ultimate Utility Vehicle, which combines the body of the family-friendly 2015 Toyota Sienna and the off-road capable Toyota Tacoma chassis. Explore the Toyota Sienna off-road design concept further right here at Gale Toyota.

In celebration of the new Toyota North American headquarters, the Ever-Better Expedition is a global driving project that is designed to unite the more than 330,000 Toyota team members. Currently in the North American leg, the Ever-Better Expedition gives Toyota designers, engineers and manufacturers the chance to get behind the wheel of the vehicles that they have designed and built. This experience is geared towards creating a better understanding of what you are looking for from your next Toyota vehicle. This expedition will cross the continent taking on the toughest terrain that North America has to offer in addition to crowded urban traffic areas, including New York City traffic and icy Alaskan roads.

Toyota Sienna Off-Road Design Concept at Gale Toyota-Enfield CT-Hartford CT-Springfield MA-New Toyota Dealer-Toyota Ultimate Utility Vehicle-Toyota Ever-Better Expedition

Leading the way for the expedition is a custom-made, off-road ready Toyota Ultimate Utility Vehicle that employs a custom Sienna body mounted on an off-road Toyota Tacoma frame. This Toyota Sienna off-road concept highlights the versatility of the Toyota brand where the blacktop ends. Toyota TRD Pro series models are some of the most dynamic vehicles to hit the trail and new Toyota Tacoma off-road technology are all elements that showcase the capabilities of the Toyota lineup. The custom-made Toyota Sienna off-road design adds a lifted suspension in conjunction with off-road tires and wheels, custom bumpers, reinforced wheel arches and side sills, auxiliary lighting systems, smoked headlamps, tinted windows and a hardcore matte black paintjob. Look for the new Toyota Ultimate Utility Vehicle to be showcased at this year’s SEMA show.

The idea of limitless off-road adventures in the family-friendly Toyota Sienna makes the Toyota Sienna off-road design concept even more exciting and while we don’t know if anything like it will make it to production, it still sounds fun to get behind the wheel. Just imagine crossing California’s Death Valley in an off-road ready minivan while the kids watch movies on the Dual View BluRay entertainment system in the back seat. For more up-to-date information on upcoming Toyota models, concept designs and off-road technology be sure to visit the official Gale Toyota Blog.