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Top 3 Tourist Attractions in Enfield, CT

Nestled in the northern part of the state of Connecticut is the cosmopolitan town of Enfield. Major cities like Massachusetts, Longmeadow, Somers, Ellington surround the town from northeast and south, and the Connecticut river borders it on the west. The tranquil town of Enfield is the perfect retreat for a relaxing getaway to escape from the city noise. Home to football columnist Peter King, the town of Enfield has a few famous attractions that you can’t miss. Let us check out the top 3 tourist attractions in Enfield, CT.

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Tourist Attractions in Enfield, CT

1. Scantic River State Park

Located right in the heart of Enfield, just a mile from the city center is the Scantic River State Park, the largest share of greenery in Enfield. The 800-acre huge park is home to impressive flora and fauna. You can do bird watching, fishing, and hunting here. Nature enthusiasts love the place at any time of the year. There is also a hiking trail for a nice day trip and the most visited of the top 3 tourist attractions in Enfield, CT.

Sunrise View from Enfield, CT
Sunrise View from Enfield, CT

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2. Powder Hollow Brewery

The Powder Hollow Brewery lies a little ahead of the Scantic River State Park and so you can stop here for a fresh beer after an adventurous day at the park. The brewery boasts the tastiest beer made with the finest hops, wheat, barley, and other ingredients that give it a fine taste. You got to grab a pint to experience the fine taste and smoothness yourself.

3. Smyth’s Trinity Farm

Travel 5 miles south from Enfield to reach Smyth’s Trinity Farm. This is the place to spend quality and healthy family time. The farm produces exotic dairy produce from scratch giving the farm to table a whole new meaning. You can try fresh dairy products like cheese or ice creams made in-house by the family owners. The dairy barn is open for a guided tour so don’t miss a chance!

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