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How Do I Transport a Cake for My Kid’s Graduation Party in My Toyota?

Tips for Transporting a Cake in a Vehicle 

Even with the COVID-19 crisis still going on, a high school graduation is still worth celebrating. While you might not have been able to walk across a stage in order to get your diploma, you still deserve a cake. When it comes to graduation cakes, many families choose to have a grocery store or professional baker make it because it is a special occasion – and they can frost on your graduation portrait! Being a special cake (that you spent good money on), you want to make sure that it gets home in time for the party without getting ruined. Luckily, we have some tips to help you transport it safely. 

Clear Out Your Toyota Vehicle’s Cargo Area 

If you plan on transporting your cake in the rear cargo area of your Toyota, make sure that everything is cleared out from the back so that it doesn’t bump or smash the cake. We do recommend laying down a blanket on the cargo floor to help prevent the cake from sliding around – and if there is a spill, clean-up will be very easy. 

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Have Someone Ride in the Backseat to Hold Onto the Cake 

Assuming that you chose a sheet cake, you can have it sit in the backseat (though we do recommend setting it on a seat that has been flat-folded). To help ensure that the cake makes it home without getting messed up, have your graduate ride in the coordinating backseat and keep a hold on it. 

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Be Extremely Mindful of Your Driving 

Take it nice and easy behind the wheel and avoid making fast turns or slamming on the brakes. Also, avoid routes that are bumpy or have potholes. 

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