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How Does the Toyota Key Finder Accessory Work?

Learn How to Use the Toyota Key Finder

Few things are more infuriating than being late to work because you lost your car keys or misplaced your phone. As it turns out, Toyota may have provided us with a solution, the Toyota Key Finder accessory. An innovative piece of technology, the key finder will ensure that you are behind the wheel of your 2016 Toyota Prius on time and on your way to work each an every day. Learn how to use the Toyota Key Finder and how it works with this brief overview.

What is the Toyota Key Finder Accessory?

To put it simply, the Toyota Key Finder is a compact Bluetooth-compatible accessory that will clip onto your key ring. With Bluetooth capabilities, you can then sync the innovative device to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch using the Toyota Key Finder App. If and when you lose your keys next, you simply activate the Toyota Key Finder on your Apple device and it will emit a high-pitched alert that can operate from as far away as 60 feet.

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Compatible with all Apple devices that employ the iOS 5.0 operating system or later, the Toyota Key Finder App allows you to monitor as many as eight key finders from one device. Through the Toyota Key Finder App, you can set the duration of the alert as well, giving you more time to sift through the chaos and find your phone. For more details on how to setup the Toyota Key Finder, watch the video below.

In addition to these convenient characteristics, the affordable Toyota Key Finder comes with a 12-month Toyota Approved Accessory parts warranty. As an added bonus, the Toyota Key Finder will work in reverse order as well and can help you find your misplaced phone or tablet.

Available for all models in the Gale Toyota inventory, the Toyota Key Finder is an extremely convenient accessory that can save you headaches in the future. Learn how to use the Toyota Key Finder with our brief overview and never lose the keys to your new 2016 Toyota Tacoma again. For more information on the Toyota Key Finder accessory and how to get one, contact the Gale Toyota sales team directly.