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Toyota Car Tips and Advice

How to care for my Toyota? 

In our constantly changing world, there are many responsibilities on our shoulders. With family, work, friends, and other priorities coming up, we often forget to tend for our car. Your Toyota requires your care, and skipping its maintenance visits can cost you more than you think. Join us at Gale Toyota in Enfield, CT, for some tips on caring for your Toyota. Continue reading for more information.  

Scheduled Car Maintenance Services: Never skip your maintenance visits as it will keep a check on your various parts and ensure that they are functioning properly and there is minimum wear and tear. Your Toyota dealer will be aware of your vehicle’s requirements and will be able to provide timely care for the car if you don’t skip your maintenance visits.  

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Oil Change: Most new vehicles do not need an oil change every 3000 miles, but you should get one at least every 7,000-10,000 miles. Remember to change your filter as well. Conventional motor oil vehicles should do an oil change every 3000 miles, while synthetic oil cars can get the oil change done every 5,000-10,000 miles.  

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View of tires being checked
View of a Toyota vehicle on the road

Tire Pressure: The right tire pressure improves fuel efficiency, and checking your tire pressure regularly helps control tire wear. You can also get the tire alignment and rotation checked at the service center. Investing in a tire pressure monitor is also a foolproof way of checking your tire pressure regularly.  

If you are in the Enfield, CT region, schedule a service visit at Gale Toyota and join the Toyota Care Program and check out our service specials for discounts on your visit. Reach out to the dealership for more information.