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Quality, Durability and Reliability Highlight the Long-Lasting Toyota RAV4 Platform

How Long Will Your New Toyota RAV4 Last?

When car shoppers are looking for a new vehicle, quality, durability and reliability are typically important factors in the decision-making process and few automotive brands stand out in those categories more than the Toyota model lineup. If you are investing that much money in a new vehicle, you want to know that you will be able to rely on it for years to come, that it won’t die a week later. With resources like Consumer Reports available to car shoppers, drivers can quickly find out how their favorite vehicles have fared over the years and few have proven themselves more reliable than the Toyota RAV4. With that idea in mind, we are delving deeper into the question — how long will your new Toyota RAV4 last at Gale Toyota.

As affordable as the 2015 Toyota RAV4 is, any new car implies a significant investment, so it is vital that you get your money’s worth. Designed and built with quality, durability and reliability as a foundation, Toyota RAV4 models will provide years and years of performance that are characterized by a fun-to-drive power platform, versatile cargo space, a comfortable interior and sleek, athletic styling cues. Significant independent research has shown that the Toyota RAV4 is capable of lasting more than 250,000 miles when you adhere to recommended maintenance and service intervals.

How Long Will Your New Toyota RAV4 Last? at Gale Toyota-Enfield CT-Hartford CT-Springfield MA-New Toyota Dealer

While other competitors may employ more intricate, turbocharged engine options and “high-tech” features, Toyota models put a focus on perfecting their engineering. This promotes reliability that many competing models cannot match. Additional research has shown that 90 percent of Toyota RAV4 models manufactured in the previous 10 years are still on the road and data has pointed to a similar long-lasting trend across the automotive industry. The extreme attention to detail in Toyota engineering has made the Toyota RAV4 one of the most dynamic options in the compact SUV segment and is a primary reason why it now has a spot in the Rally America racing circuit and has recently added a 2016 Toyota RAV4 hybrid configuration.

There is only one way to gain a better understanding of — how long your new Toyota RAV4 will last — and that is by getting behind the wheel. Schedule a test drive in a new Toyota today at Gale Toyota in Enfield, CT. You won’t be disappointed by what you discover behind the wheel of a new Toyota.