Design of the Toyota and DEKA iBOT Motorized Wheelchair

Toyota iBOT Motorized Wheelchair Will Improve Mobility

Design and Specs of the Toyota iBOT Wheelchair

Do you suffer from limited mobility? Do you know someone who does? Toyota may have the solution. A partnership with DEKA will allow Toyota to design and build the next-generation Toyota iBOT motorized wheelchair. Technology that helped create models like the 2017 Toyota Prius Prime Plug-in Hybrid is sure to improve mobility for those who are limited. Take a moment to explore the design and specs of the Toyota iBOT wheelchair to see what it can do.

What is the Toyota iBOT Motorized Wheelchair?

A partnership between Toyota and DEKA Research and Development is expected to improve on the design of the iBOT motorized wheelchair. Developed by Dean Kamen, the legendary inventor of the Segway, the iBOT is a revolutionary platform. Dual sets of two wheels allow the iBOT design to move up and down stairs and navigate tough terrain. Individuals who are confined to a wheelchair will find that the Toyota iBOT comes with many advantages and incredible capabilities. Take a closer look at its abilities listed below.

  • Ability to balance on just two wheels.
  • Ability to climb stairs at home or in public.
  • Ability to navigate tough terrain — grass and dirt.
  • Ability to raise from a sitting position to a six-foot standing position.

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Previous iBOT models ended production in 2009 as a result of high costs that reached $25,000. With the added backing of Toyota technology that has provided us with the iconic 2016 Toyota Prius, the next-generation iBOT promises to be even better. As a part of the agreement, DEKA has given Toyota license to adapt innovative balancing technology to fit the design. It is not yet known if the Toyota iBOT will be incorporated into automotive mobility solutions.

A new and innovative Toyota iBOT motorized wheelchair promises to be an incredible asset for those with limited mobility. With a closer look at the design and specs of the Toyota iBOT wheelchair, it is easy to see how this device will improve quality of life. Enfield-area residents interested in a new vehicle will find that the Gale Toyota inventory has something for everyone, including the trail-ready 2016 Toyota Tacoma.