What Are the Differences Between Fog Lights and Daytime Running Lights?

Daytime Running Lights vs Fog Lights

We all know what headlights do and how they have an impact on your driving experience, but they are not the only lights that make up the lighting system on your 2016 Toyota Camry. If you take a look at your owner’s manual or the spec sheet when you are perusing the Gale Toyota showroom, you may see daytime running lights and fog lights listed. These lighting elements have an incredible impact on safety and visibility in many situations, but many car shoppers still aren’t sure about the differences between the two. To help you understand a bit better, we are comparing daytime running lights vs fog lights in this blog post to help you out.

What Are Daytime Running Lights?

Daytime running lights are becoming increasingly more common throughout the automotive industry and are a standard feature on many Toyota models here at Gale Toyota, including the new 2016 Toyota Tacoma. Running lights are typically on at all times, until you turn on your headlights or fog lights, though some lighting systems offer an on/off feature. These lights will increase safety for you, other drivers, motorcycle riders and bicyclists by improving visibility in lower light conditions.

Though it may seem redundant to have lights on when driving throughout the day, imagine driving into the sun on a winding road, oncoming traffic with daytime running lights may catch your attention sooner, helping you avoid a dangerous situation. LED daytime running lights, in addition to improving visibility have significant impact on style as well and are available for many upper trim levels in the Toyota lineup.

Daytime Running Lights vs Fog Lights at Gale Toyota-Enfield CT-2016 Toyota Camry Daytime Running Lights

What Are Fog Lights?

Fog lights may seem self explanatory, but you may still wonder why and how they are different from daytime running lights. You may ask yourself — why have fog lights when daytime running lights are on all the time? The short answer is safety. The primary difference between fog lights and running lights is color, with the majority of fog lights being yellow. Yellow lights will shine through fog, dust, snow or rain without reflecting off of the rain or snow and blinding other drivers. This increases your visibility to other drivers and is safer when you consider oncoming traffic. A standard element across the 2016 Toyota 4Runner model lineup, integrated fog lights will drastically improve your safety in less than ideal weather conditions or when you hit the trail.

Daytime Running Lights vs Fog Lights at Gale Toyota-Enfield CT-2016 Toyota 4Runner Fog Lights

If you have ever wondered about the differences between fog lights and daytime running lights, hopefully our comparison of daytime running lights vs fog lights has helped answer some of your questions. Many of the Toyota models in the Gale Toyota inventory employ both lighting elements, so stop in for a test drive to see how they work together to improve your safety.