Custom Back to the Future 2016 Toyota Tacoma at Gale Toyota-Enfield CT-Black Back to the Future Toyota Tacoma

Toyota Celebrates Back to the Future Day with Custom 2016 Toyota Tacoma

Custom Back to the Future 2016 Toyota Tacoma

Who didn’t love Back to the Future as a kid? Imagining all of the new inventions that the future would hold was almost too much to take as a kid and as a result, zaney Doc Brown and the rebel Marty McFly became childhood heroes for many of us. With Back to the Future Day having come and gone, we all got a chance to look back at one of our favorite childhood films and see which future technology has made an appearance in the present.

To celebrate this exciting date in pop culture, Toyota has unveiled a custom Back to the Future 2016 Toyota Tacoma, built to emulate the one driven by Marty McFly in the films. Built using a 2016 Toyota Tacoma as the canvas, this new custom-made truck is making appearances in several places across the country. In the event that you can’t make it to New York, Los Angeles or Dallas, you can learn more right here at Gale Toyota.

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In celebration of Back to the Future Day, the creative geniuses at Toyota have unveiled a series of ads that look at future technology and how it has become the present. Many of these ads center around the 2016 Toyota Mirai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle, though the highlight has to be the appearance of Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Marty McFly’s reimagined Toyota 4×4. Take a look at what the new custom Toyota Tacoma has to offer.

Back to the Future Toyota Tacoma Features

A reinvented version of Marty McFly’s pride and joy deserves only the best and that is why engineers started with the redesigned 2016 Toyota Tacoma and took it back to 1985. For those of us old enough to remember, the new custom-built Toyota delivers on all aspects and a host of features make it happen.

  • Custom 1985 Toyota Truck Exterior Paint
  • Off-Road Suspension
  • TRD Wheels
  • BFGoodrich Tires
  • Custom Front and Rear Tubular Bumpers
  • Custom Light Bar
  • KC HiLites Gravity LED G46
  • KC HiLites Daylighter Gravity LED
  • Custom D-4S Fuel Injection Badging
  • Custom TOYOTA Tailgate Logo
  • Custom Vintage Headlights and Taillights
  • 1985 Toyota Truck Mud Flaps

While the new custom Back to the Future 2016 Toyota Tacoma may not be the DeLorean time machine or flying cars that we were all hoping for, many other Toyota innovations give us hope that that day may be just around the corner. Stop in today at Gale Toyota to explore our inventory of new Toyota models and learn more about what the future may hold for the Toyota brand.