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Can I Purchase My Leased Toyota Vehicle?

A Video Explaining How to Purchase your Leased Toyota Vehicle

After leasing a Toyota model, you may not want to part with it. After all, you’ve made cherished memories with it and are comfortable with its overall feel and design. Luckily, Gale Toyota wants to reassure you that you can still purchase the leased model. For information on how to purchase it, watch the video below from Toyota.

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man using 2021 Toyota RAV4 hands-free power liftgate

Use the kick sensor in the new RAV4 for a hands-free experience

How do you use the 2021 Toyota RAV4 hands-free power liftgate?

Innovations for convenience have been among the top priorities in the automotive world, and Toyota is always pressing forward to see how to make the entire driving and vehicle ownership experience better for drivers across the globe. On a crossover SUV like the Toyota RAV4, you’ll have a rear liftgate which allows you to pack plenty of cargo for your daily grind and your weekend adventures. Sometimes you’ll be coming at that rear door with your arms full of luggage or groceries or other items, and to make those times easier, Toyota has made available hands-free liftgate features on its crossovers. That includes the newest RAV4. How do you use the 2021 Toyota RAV4 hands-free power liftgate? Read ahead for the necessary steps. 

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smartphone showing Toyota Skill for Amazon Alexa

You Can Use Alexa from Your Toyota Vehicle

How Do You Use the Toyota Skill for Amazon Alexa?

We’ve all seen those commercials where people, from the comfort of their chairs, ask their Amazon Alexa device to look something up for them or play a song for them. Doesn’t that seem just plain cool? Did you know you can access Amazon Alexa and make use of it in select new Toyota models? You can do so with the Amazon Alexa Toyota Skill. How do you use the Toyota Skill for Amazon Alexa? We have a video to help you out! 

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2020 Toyota Camry interior Apple CarPlay screen

Sync Your Phone to Your Toyota Model to Stay Connected

How Does Apple CarPlay® Work in Toyota Vehicles?

You’ve probably made a joke to someone about them constantly being on their phone, only to then pull out your own phone and scroll through your social media feeds. It’s okay! We know we’re almost surgically attached to our phones these days. They connect us to the world and to our friends and families, and when you have the entire world at your fingertips, it’s hard not to be checking it out on a regular basis. If you have an iPhone, then you have maybe heard about Apple CarPlay, where you can connect your phone to your vehicle and take advantage of certain features. So, how does Apple CarPlay work in Toyota vehicles? Let’s go over a few things. 

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Screenshot of video showing Toyota car and Apple Smartwatch

Stay Connected to Your New Toyota with Remote Connect

How Do You Use Toyota Remote Connect on Your Smartwatch?

Today’s top tech is quite impressive, and that goes for just about every aspect of life. When it comes to the automotive world, Toyota has always been pushing the envelope. Now, with Toyota Remote Connect, you can stay in touch with your vehicle from a distance by using a compatible smartwatch on select new Toyota vehicles! How do you use Toyota Remote Connect on your smartwatch? We have a video to explain. 

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How Do I Transport a Cake for My Kid’s Graduation Party in My Toyota?

Tips for Transporting a Cake in a Vehicle 

Even with the COVID-19 crisis still going on, a high school graduation is still worth celebrating. While you might not have been able to walk across a stage in order to get your diploma, you still deserve a cake. When it comes to graduation cakes, many families choose to have a grocery store or professional baker make it because it is a special occasion – and they can frost on your graduation portrait! Being a special cake (that you spent good money on), you want to make sure that it gets home in time for the party without getting ruined. Luckily, we have some tips to help you transport it safely. 

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Toyota Trim levels -Tacoma TRD Off Road-Camry Special Edition-Tacoma Limited

Learn How to Better Understand Toyota Trim Level Designations at Gale Toyota

What Are the Different Toyota Trim Levels?

Finding a brand-new Toyota should be an exciting experience for car shoppers and often is. When you start researching years, makes, models, trim levels, available packages and color options, however, the sheer extent of information can prove to be overwhelming. At Gale Toyota, we understand your frustration and want to help.

It can be difficult to keep the 2016 Toyota RAV4 trim levels straight with so many acronyms and special editions, not to mention available features. Many car shoppers often ask — what are the different Toyota trim levels? While there is no short, direct answer, we can definitely help you understand how each model organizes its trim levels a little better. Read the rest of this entry >>

2016 Toyota Tacoma Multi-Terrain Select Feature On/Off Button and Dial

Amplify Adventure with the Toyota Multi-Terrain Select System

Learn to Use the Toyota Tacoma Multi-Terrain Select Feature

Back and better than ever, the redesigned 2016 Toyota Tacoma promises exhilarating power in addition to a rough and rugged design platform. If you are looking for adventure where the blacktop ends, the Toyota Tacoma comes complete with an arsenal of innovative off-road systems that will dominate the most extreme terrain in the world. Among those innovative elements, the Toyota Multi-Terrain Select system stands out. Learn to use the Toyota Tacoma Multi-Terrain Select feature and amplify your level of adventure. Read the rest of this entry >>

2016 Toyota Corolla S CVT Transmission Shifter

How Does the Toyota CVT Transmission Work?

Pros and Cons of a Toyota CVT Transmission

Horsepower and torque garner the majority of headlines when it comes to performance, making the transmission a forgotten element in many cases. Truth be told, the transmission will have a major impact on fuel-efficiency, acceleration and overall performance. A new trend for automakers is to incorporate the fuel-efficient continuously variable transmission (CVT) into their designs. Within the Toyota model lineup, the value-packed 2016 Toyota Corolla and the redesigned 2016 Toyota Prius make excellent use of the CVT transmission. Take a closer look at how the innovative transmission design works in addition to the pros and cons of a Toyota CVT transmission with this brief overview. Read the rest of this entry >>

What is a Toyota Engine Immobilizer at Gale Toyota-Enfield CT-Surprised Car Thief by Blue Car

How Do Engine Immobilizers Work to Keep Your Car Safe From Crooks?

What is a Toyota Engine Immobilizer?

While most people in our neck of the woods are good people, there are always some bad apples out there. When it comes to car theft, there are a lot of safety and security systems that will prevent crooks from getting away with your brand-new 2016 Toyota Tacoma. A common security system that you will find throughout the Toyota model lineup is an engine immobilizer. When many car shoppers are exploring the spec sheet of a new Toyota, they come across this feature and want to know — what is a Toyota engine immobilizer? Find out right here at Gale Toyota. Read the rest of this entry >>