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2022 Toyota Tundra exterior side look

How to Use the 2022 Toyota Tundra Garage System?

A Guide to Use the 2022 Toyota Tundra Garage System 

Toyota’s 2022 Tundra is in its third generation and is a formidable towing machine. Know all about the 2022 Tundra’s new Trailer Garage system in detail. This method will allow you to register and save various trailers as well as load the appropriate settings fast whenever they’re connected. Scroll down and check out the video from Gale Toyota in Enfield, CT, to discover all you need to know about the 2022 Tundra Trailer Garage System.

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The 2023 Toyota bZ4X being charged

What are the Steps Involved in Charging a Toyota EV?

Video Guide to Charging a Toyota EV 

In 2022, no other update shook the market in surprise as much as the introduction of EVs by every automaker. Toyota’s first all-electric bZ4X is set to be released in 2023. However, hybrids and plug-in hybrids are already available in all their fine quality. If you are still figuring out how the connections are initiated while charging your EV at a charging station, here’s Toyota helping you out with a video. Check out this video guide to charging a Toyota EV. Later, visit the Gale Toyota dealership in Enfield, CT, to explore the latest Toyota electric vehicle and its in-built features.

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2022 Toyota Avalon front quarter view

Enable Wi-Fi Hotspot on Toyota’s Audio Multimedia System

How to Enable the Wi-Fi Hotspot Feature in My Toyota? 

Toyota has always remained at the forefront of technology integration in vehicles. However, sometimes, we need a little help to understand how certain features function. If you are curious to learn how to enable the Wi-Fi hotspot in your Toyota, check out this video we at Gale Toyota in Enfield, CT, have for you. While you are visiting our website, do also check out our services page to learn about the kind of services we provide at our dealership. 

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A stock photo of a person changing the oil on a vehicle.

Have you downloaded the Toyota App yet?

Do I need to download the Toyota App? 

Many of us have really become reliant on a series of smartphone apps to run our lives. Our manufacturing partner has jumped into the deep end of the smartphone app pool and developed their own to help Toyota vehicle owners in Enfield control, manage or otherwise keep track of just about everything having to do with your Toyota car, truck or SUV in the driveway. New features and functions are being added to the Toyota App all the time, and our team of Gale Toyota product experts picked out four that they thought were the most important: Managing Payments, Vehicle Health Reports, Service History and Owner’s Manual. Let’s take a closer look at what they came up with.  Read the rest of this entry >>

2021 Toyota Highlander Hybrid color red

What technology features can you find in the 2021 Toyota Highlander Hybrid?

When it comes time to start looking for a new vehicle, something to consider is how the new wave of hybrid vehicles is hitting the lots at a more rapid rate than ever. There are a ton of benefits of owning a hybrid, one of them being the enhanced technology that comes with them. Here at Gale Toyota, we have quite a few different hybrid vehicles to choose from, but today we are going to focus on the Highlander Hybrid and what technology features come with it. 

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Side view of the 2021 Toyota Corolla Hybrid

What technology specs can be found in the 2021 Toyota Corolla Hybrid?

When looking at what vehicle might be best for you moving forward, it’s more important than ever to consider the technology available inside of the vehicle. Technology is key in today’s society, and we want you to know what the Toyota Corolla Hybrid brings to the table in terms of that. Below you can find out what features the Corolla Hybrid possesses, and how they enhance your driving experience.  

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2021 Toyota Prius Prime at charging station

What technology features come with the 2021 Toyota Prius Prime?

If you are looking for a vehicle that has a ton of great technology features, the 2021 Toyota Prius Prime is a great option that combines technology and peak efficiency into one sedan. The Prius Prime can be found today at your local Gale Toyota dealership, which serves the greater Hartford, CT area. Below you can find out some of the different tech features that come equipped with the 2021 Prius Prime.  

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2021 Toyota Tacoma driving through grassy terrain

What technology features are available in the 2021 Toyota Tacoma?

If you are searching for a powerful truck that also comes with top-of-the-line technology features, the 2021 Toyota Tacoma is the truck for you. The Toyota Tacoma is available at your local Gale Toyota dealership, and the team at Gale Toyota would love to have you come to check out their Tacoma inventory. Below you can dive into the different technical features that make the Tacoma stand out compared to other trucks in its class.  

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