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List of Top 3 Schools in Enfield, CT

Are there any Good Schools in the Enfield, CT Area?

When you are a parent, very few things take precedence over your child’s education. We at Gale Toyota in Enfield, CT, understand that well. That is why we have this blog post for you. If you are new to our town or just looking for a good school to enroll your child in, then take a couple of minutes to read this blog post where we list the top three schools in the Enfield region. We are certain that you will find it interesting!

Somers High School

This 9-12 school is one of the best in the area. The school excels in many areas, such as having a 95% graduation rate, an average SAT score of 1210, etc. 82% of students here are proficient in reading, and a teacher-to-student ratio is a decent 10:1.


5 Vision Boulevard

Sommers, CT 06071

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Enfield High School

This is another great 9-12 school that scores well in academics, college preparation, and diversity. The average annual graduation rate stands at 90%, with a teacher-to-student ratio of 13:1, which is better than the national average of 17:1.


1264 Enfield St.

Enfield, CT 06082

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Civic Leadership High School

Last but not least, we arrive at Civic Leadership High School. This 348-student strong school is a decent option for you to consider. The school does well in areas of diversity, health and fitness, which is quite essential for your child’s holistic development. The teaching staff is very professional, and the school has an annual graduation rate of 87%.


1617 King St.

Enfield, CT 06082

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With this, we come to the end of our blog post. We hope that you have found this article to be helpful. Choose the school that you think is the best for your child and check with the school authorities how soon they can start the enrolment process.

Good Luck!