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Toyota Reaches New Milestone with 9 Million Hybrid Models Sold

9 Million Toyota Hybrid Models Sold Worldwide

Recent news illustrates what we have known for quite some time — Toyota is the industry leader in hybrid automotive technology and 9 million Toyota hybrid models sold worldwide is all the proof you need. Hybrid editions like the iconic 2016 Toyota Prius have set the bar high for competitors, providing drivers with a nearly perfect blend of performance and efficiency. Delve deeper into the facts behind this incredible automotive milestone that Toyota has achieved.

Environmental Benefits of Toyota Hybrid Models

Just nine months ago, Toyota breached the 8 million hybrid models sold barrier, illustrating the brand’s best-in-class pedigree. An expanded hybrid model lineup that now includes the adventurous 2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, undoubtedly contributed to the rapid success of the brand. With an incredible 33 hybrid passenger models and a revolutionary plug-in hybrid model available in 90 countries worldwide, Toyota hybrid models have a significant positive impact on the environment that will improve in the future.

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Last year, Toyota announced that they were undertaking the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 in an effort to reduce the negative impact of automobiles on the environment to zero. As a part of this challenge, Toyota is striving to expand its hybrid model lineup and increase hybrid model sales to 1.5 million annually and 15 million sold worldwide by the year 2020. Expanded sales paired with environmentally-friendly designs like the 2016 Toyota Prius c will combine to create a positive impact on the environment around us.

Electric Storm blue 2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Limited on the Road
2017 Toyota Prius Prime Front Exterior

Toyota mathematicians have calculated that 9 million Toyota models sold across the globe in comparison to a similar number of standard gas-powered vehicles have produced 67 million fewer tons of harmful CO2 emissions. While the fuel-economy numbers for hybrid models like the Toyota Prius are impeccable, they are even more amazing when examined as part of the whole. Toyota has estimated that across the globe, hybrid editions have saved roughly 25 million kiloliters of gasoline compared to standard vehicles.

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News that 9 million Toyota hybrid models sold worldwide, will come as no surprise to consumers and drivers familiar with the ultra-efficient performance of Toyota hybrids. Not only will Toyota hybrid models benefit you at the gas pump, they will simultaneously benefit the environment by reducing carbon emissions and the impact on global fuel resources. Stop in today and explore the Gale Toyota inventory to find your own hybrid edition.