Toyota Yaris Specs

The 2016 Yaris Combines Style and Efficiency

2016 Toyota Yaris New Trims

The 2016 Toyota Yaris continues its tradition of providing the best of both worlds when it comes to balancing form and functionality, while getting an edge on the 2015 model. Its design makes use of many European influences—a logical development considering the 2016 Yaris was conceived by Toyota designers in Southern France.

These European aspects account for the Yaris’s sub-compact frame. Old cities weren’t built with automobiles in mind, so the streets are often narrow and generally limited in terms of space. As necessity is the main driver of invention, across the pond, we reap the benefits of intelligent and efficient Euro-designed vehicles such as the 2016 Toyota Yaris.

Exterior Design

Every inch of the 2016 Yaris is engineered to allow for the best possible driving experience. This is evident in its aerodynamic body—highlighted by a well-angled windshield and grille, as well as innovative side mirrors—affording the 2016 Yaris a low 0.30 coefficient of drag, which is comparable to that of many high-end luxury vehicles.

The 2016 Yaris employs many features that give it a remarkably quiet drive. Insulation and silencers on the floor and under the hood, as well as rocker panel protectors make it so the sounds of the road don’t interfere with your driving space. Additionally, lightweight foam insulation is used to sound-proof any excess space.Toyota Yaris Interior

Offering both a 3- and 5-door model, the 2016 Yaris continues the sub-compact legacy of its predecessor.

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Fuel Efficiency

Two transmissions are offered for the 2016 Toyota Yaris: a five-speed manual (30 mpg city, 37 mpg highway) and a four-speed automatic (30 mpg city, 36 mpg highway). The manual transmission is augmented by a hydraulic clutch (standard on L grade). The automatic transmission was designed with fuel efficiency in mind, boasting a low friction build. With such spectacular gas mileage, the 2016 Yaris will make worrying about paying too much for fuel a thing of the past.

Trims and Features

There are three trim options for the 2016 Yaris: L, LE and SE. All three come standard with a 6.1-inch touch screen, six speakers, hands-free phone capability and music streaming. You will never again accidentally drain your battery by leaving on an interior light. If the engine’s turned off, the 2016 Yaris automatically cuts the interior lights after 20 minutes.

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